The Agent2AgentNetwork is a real estate company in the state of Arizona.
It is specifically for Arizona licensed real estate agents who may not have time to do
real estate full time or would just prefer to refer their clients to a full-time real estate
professional.  Our company allows you to do that while still maintaining your network
and still have a steady referral income from those clients.  This also helps you later
when you may decide to go back into the real estate market at a later date.  This network
works for all types of referrals such as:  Residential, Commercial, & Property Mgmt

This works by allowing the real estate agent to keep his or her real estate license in an  “active” status.  This way, you are still able to legally earn a commission on a transaction.
The advantage is that you don’t incur any of the “OTHER” expenses, such as:
Association Dues, Board Dues, MLS Fees, Signage Costs, Lock Boxes, Marketing Fees (Website, Flyers, Email Blasts, Cost of driving around clients for hours, etc)The Referral Agent can pursue other interests while
continuing to generate an income from real estate transactions.

How do you lose on this deal?
Only by not participating.  If you don’t talk to your friends, family, co-workers,
networking contacts, and other people you come into contact with, then you
are throwing money away.  Participation is key.